Thursday, July 29, 2010


I watched Eclipse and it didn't disappoint me as much as the first 2. Cut out the kissing hugging and kissing kissing and hugging scenes and it wont be so bad. I am kindda disappointed about how team Edward arent actually Werewolves but more like shape shifters. Its still cool come to think of it but but but they are not Werewolves!

So I finally got my hands on some magic cards I need and I must say that Vampires are awesome. Even if you lose, you lose with style!
Got my hands on these babies.

The badass Sorin Markov

Light Bulb!

Been away from my blog for quite a while now.
This year the movies I watched have been pretty good. People are stepping their game up and making better stuff.
Despicable Me has got to be one of them.

This movie *sigh* This movie right here has got to be the cutest thing I have
watched on the big screen. Yellow minions and all. Damn I want some too. The archenemy of the main character has got to be the most evil nerd I have seen with his Squid gun and Piranha gun. Yes a Squid gun people. There was a scene in the movie where I was the only guy laughing in the whole cinema. There was a scene where Agnes toy unicorn got smoked by a laser gun and she demanded a new one. Gru orders his minions to go get one and they go off to the mall with "style" So they come back later and yes the thing in their hand may look like a Unicorn but its actually a brush for the toilet bowl! Apparently nobody saw it == A friend in Penang was saying how people went nuts in the cinema when they saw it. Anybody who says Despicable Me is lame should just seek help.