Monday, May 31, 2010

Prince of Pecah

So Prince of Persia is in the books for me. The movie was awesome. It doesnt get any better than that when it comes to story line. Really powerful. If you havent watched it then you gotta watch and if you have watched it then you gotta watch it one more time. With so many eye catching breath taking scenes, Im sure there must have been a thing or two you missed.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gotta be stronger

Both in strength and in spirit. I have been working out very hard recently. I am out of shape. If you are 6 foot and you cant dunk, you are not fit enough.

Been doing suicide drills in the morning. These are a killer. I have been doing my bench presses and working those weights.

Time to get back in shape. With both Rain and Usher as my fitness motivation, I aim to have a body like that by the end of this year. Why these guys? For now, I am content being ripped. Getting super huge is just too clumsy for me. I am already clumsy enough.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Yes boys and girls, always stretch. I always make sure I stretch before I ball, I stretch before I work out and I stretch before I dance. Stretching is always overlooked as unnecessary and a waste of time. As I grow older, my body is no longer the same as it was 5 years ago. Stretching becomes more vital as time goes by. I have a friend who loves basketball. He is really young like about 16? Recently I heard him walking down the stairs and his ankles were creaking. Damn. I immediately asked him

Do you warm up?

Is it important?

Yes! Listen to your legs!

Ya oh

Do you wear shoes?

No shoes I play basketball barefooted


(Out of the kindness of my heart I gave him a pair of shoes I recently bought which I planned to use for jogging)

So boys and girls, STRETCH!

before you run
before you dance
before you ball
before you workout
before you bump and grind

You may feel nothing now when you are young. When you get older, you will feel it when you try to get out of bed.

Sneaks and kicks

Anybody who knows me will know I love basketball. Started balling at 14 with my neighbor Emrys Gau. Damn. We started off with slippers and we didnt really bother untill we started playing with bigger kids and we were like "Damn! we need shoes!" Well, we kindda sucked that time and we placed the blame on our foot gear. So we started wearing our school shoes to play ball. They werent the best choice but we didnt really have anything else better to wear. It wasnt until I was 17 when I decided it was time I got myself a REAL pair or basketball shoes. It wasnt anything to shout about. Picked em up at a Bata store. I wore my shoes straight to the court that day and was playing ball like a goof. Wasnt really used to them yet. So all these years I have gone through shoe after shoe and I have never really complained about any of them. They just wore out too fast for me. Either the sole went out first or the body just ripped. Till this day I really dont know if it was my footwork, the court or the shoes to blame. They barely lasted a year. I have bought over 5 pairs of basketball shoes till this day.

So recently my shoes ripped again and I decided that all my life I have been wearing these shoes prices ranging from 70-100 ringgit. I decided it was about time I treated my self to my first Nike. Here it is.

All my life I have never bothered to notice the difference between basketball shoes. All the times I have been playing ball, I have always been playing the center position . Its cool being the center of attention but that's not what really happens for the guy playing the center position in a basketball game. Whats a center you ask? The tallest DUDE on his team. Its boring. I didnt want to be the last resort. I wanted speed. I wanted to be agile. I wanted to fast break, do cross overs and ankle breakers. So BAM! I went with these. Lower ankle guards and lighter body. Now I am hoping they last longer than they expect.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dick Riding

I find this is terrible how some people cant have their life go on without the presence of some people to the fact they have to suck up to the person. Should that person die, you are screwed. Leverage is one thing, Dick riding is another thing. People dick ride big shots, dick riding people they call their friends and dick riding for transport, dick riding for a pay, dick riding for a name and dick riding for fame. Get on your feet and stop dick riding today.