Monday, November 30, 2009


No I am not talking about biscuits by Jacob or Hup Seng or Julies. This is more of like Jacob Black from the movie New Moon. Damn that guy. Ripped like shreds of paper. No homo. Rain and that fellow have given me a goal to get back into shape.

Looking so skinny like a chopstick in the mirror. So, I got back to weight lifting today. Damn, I am out of shape.
After 80 push ups and 2 sets of dumbbells, instead of feeling tough like that wolf from New Moon, I am huffing and puffing like the wolf in three little pigs. Throw in gasping if you wish. Never really had the best stamina. People jog but I jog for a few minute and walk the rest.


Back in the lab today trying to make an Esper deck all over again. Sigh, its sad to see Esper is nowhere in sight while other decks are taking all the glory. Gotta make my Sharuum the Hegemon deck hit faster and more meta. Gabriel Nassiff sure saw potential in that deck or else he wouldn't have played it at all. I just wished I knew how to make that deck faster without putting green in it. Aggro is all the fun but it aint no fun unless you made a deck yourself. All I really did to my Jund was throw out Mealstrom Pulse and use Sarkhan Vol and Collosal might instead. Can you say Boom Boom Pow?


Va va voom

Sharuum has almost never seen play in any standard event. She needs more exposure to prove Esper is still playable. Going for HON again tonight. Games are in my blood and always will.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Greed for power

After witnessing Naya take the first place at Worlds, it really made me want to give Naya a shot again. After all, it was my second deck after Grixis. Didnt do too well on Sunday. Scored the sixth place. Sad. Sideboards never came out. Made a BIG mistake when playing against Mike's control deck. Should have popped is Luminarch Ascension with my Pridemage. 2-1 Playing against Ben, my fallouts never came out and neither did my Stag. When Blood witch hit the table, it was over. Didn't have a solution for that huge flier. A pro white 4/4 Vampire with flying? Macam mana mahu urus tu benda? 2-1

If I was playing Jund, I could have gone Terminate or Bit Blast it to bits. Oh well, lesson well learned. Its back to the drawing board. If nothing good comes, its back to Jund then.

Met with Captain Rolando Barba. Glad to hear his high blood pressure has improved. He sounds more malaysian now. Haha! Its great talking to him. This is how our conversation went.

Paul! Oh, you cant recognize me anymore? So now you are being arrogant just because you have become handsome?

Eh, Sir didnt see you! When did you come back to KK?

Last week, going back to GGIFA tomorrow. Alvin and the gang will be graduating next year in February.

Laju la oh, they have taken their CPL?

Oh, Most likely. They will be doing their twin engine probably by January.
The flying school has lots of instructors now. I had an offer to go to Terrenganu but malas la aku. Jauh la oh!

Better salary?

12k! I can buy a sports car! But too far! Tidaklah. Sarawak is better, I can be closer to my wife and baby in KK.

Yah true.

I tell you, now there are alot of scholarships being offered to join GGIFA. Just give me an sms if you are interested. I know the person giving out the scholarships. Belanja him two cans of Tiger, habis cerita. Rugi la oh, you are the best student but you cant fly just because of your eyes.

Well sir, that is life. I want to fly too sir but my eyes la oh.

Hehehe, just try la oh. If you can pass the medical by flukeshot, you get to be a pilot for free! The guys miss you lah oh. Everyday eating Pau and drinking Malta.

I miss them too sir. Great to hear they will be graduating soon.

Oh, look at who trained them? (points at himself)

We talked more about his life there. He is always great at conversations. Just wished he wouldn't drink so much. I miss those guys and how we would joke about marrying a rich woman to pay our pilot fees. Open up a newspaper and point at some YB's wife while saying "Kau tengok lah, kalau saya khawin dia, tidak paya fikir bank loan sudah"

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today and tomorrow feels the same as yesterday

Time flies so fast when you are having fun. Its time again to bid farewell to one of my best buds. Played 3 rounds of HON today. Was great. Except for the part where I am having a sore throat. Sigh. Sore throats are never welcomed. Gulping down my eight bottle of water.

Made a Naya aggro deck. Its pretty ok except for the fact that the win condition is Naya Charm when things are going Sim city. Its still really mid ranged and doesn't seem to pack the power that Jund has. This aggro deck almost has the power of Tarmogoyf in it. Knight of the Reliquary went up to a hulking 11/11. Amazing.

Life is back to mundane mode. Nothing to look forward to. 2009 is almost over. Cant wait to get over this year. It has been tiring, disappointing and just plain stupid at times.

"Haiz me is so sienz" Dipetik dari Rasa Kau Cina hasil karya LGY.

Had a chat with the pastor about keeping the faith. He reminded me about how God works in ways we cannot see. No matter how much we think we are on the right path, if it doesn't work out, God normally has another plan in store for us. He talked about a factory in China. That factory was built to supplement income and also part of the mission work in China. 6 months down the road, business was bad. They almost shut down as they requested for financial aid. Even the pastor didn't have the faith that giving financial aid for the THIRD time would really make a difference. They needed money if they wanted to shut down the factory and even if they wanted to go on. There were debts mounting up to be paid. This year, it has started to pick up. Profit was rolling in and they could sustain the factory already.

From this short story I have learned that shit does happen and when it happens, we just have to hold on and persevere. These are just the tip of the iceberg called the Apocalypse.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Movie streak by a movie freak...

Astro Boy, 2012, New Moon and Ninja Assassin. Too much good stuff cramped in so little time. Astro Boy was kindda heart touching. The movie teaches about how a kind deed can go a long way. Well, the next thing is about appreciating kind deeds. Its gotta be that way. Ninja Assassin was awesome. Lots of blood here and there. Behind all the bloodshed, the movie highlights about how you can change a person just by touching his/her heart. Some people complained about Rain's acting skills. Come on, he is a ninja! He doesn't have to talk much! In fact speaking English was already a bonus! All he has to do is

chop! chop! chop!

slash! slash! slash!

hack! hack! hack!

and into the shadows. Just when you think movies were starting to suck just like the year 2009 itself, November rewards us with so many goodies and spoils us rotten once again.

"Im a ninja! Im a ninja!" - Kel from the show Kenan and Kel.

Rise of the Eldrazi is coming out next year. Cant wait for it. Almost nothing in Zendikar makes any sense right now. World Wake is coming out soon though. It seems rather intriguing that Sorin Markov and Nissa Revane are allies. Who would have thought? Cant wait to find out more.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Leaving Esper for Jund

Wednesday is in the books, and I am pretty excited for what lays in store for the next day. Zoo, Coconut pudding and the Museum lie in store. Haven't been to these places in ages.


I am impressed by how Malaysia managed to secure the third spot at the Magic Worlds tournement. Congrats to Terry Soh. Playing a Naya Zoo deck? Impressive. Gotta try make one too. Naya has always been my first to play aggro. Simple stuff. Swing for the win. No brainer.
Its nice to see cards like Wild Nacatl and Wooly Thoctar hitting the tables again. Naya is back and badder than ever. Yet Esper is still no where to be seen ever since Pro Tour Honolulu. Sad. I miss playing Esper. It was fun back in the day, now its kindda tricky to play. It can only handle so many removals. Got tired of my sissy Esper deck and decided that savage Jund was the way to go. It is way more meta and now I hav less headaches during FNM. More points! Woohoo~~

Grixis is back too. Now with Crypt of Agadeem, you have the mana to unearth your minions. Talk about a Kederekt Leviathan clearing the board? SWING!

Bant seems to be going back to old school with Rhox War Monk and friends. Jenara and Rafiq should join the crowd soon enough so lets just wait and see. Aggro is the best for the meta game now. Waiting to see what lies in wait for Worldwake. Perhaps we shall ge to see control decks shine once again. With Cryptic Command lacking in the arsenal since Lorwyn and Shadowmoor phased out, control just isnt that good.


Good night Malaysia, Good morning America...

Of cobwebs and dust

Aint this year full of disappointments. I don't speak for myself but everybody who got let down this year. Cant wait for a new year. 2009 sucks big time. Things rarely go as expected and often makes you wish you could turn back time. Businesses dont go as planned, relationships dont go as hoped and expected, future plans crushed to dust in mere seconds.


"Haiz, no use say many many de. Life very sucks lor. Duno wan do what" Dipetik dari "Rasa Kau Cina" hasil karya LGY


Getting better at snooker. Unlike Pool, its table is larger and the holes are smaller. Gotta get my game on. My cue has been collecting cobwebs and dust. Christmas is coming. Bragging about all these festivals we have? They seem to get quiet as years go by. I remember when christmas was the bomb. Carolling, lamb, food, more lamb, presents and did I mention lamb? Its like all of that sort of diminished as we grew older. Everybody looked forward to it. Now its like, "Its christmas? Oh..."

I read a text worth debating. It was about how the dogmas of the quiet past are no longer edequate and efficient for the stormy present. People blame schools. People blame the economy. People blame GOD. People blame parents. I guess nobody bothers to change themselves first eh? I guess sometimes people forget about people around them when they are striving to feed their family.

Thought of the day. Pernah kau nampak red indian cina?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kicking it and kicking the habit

Single mums at 20. Ain't that sad? Whats next? Grandmothers at 30? Take it slow with that John Legend style. People are in such a hurry to get it on between the sheets before getting wed. Sigh. Worried about getting laid all the time. "Jesus gonna come soon and Im I still have gotten it on yet! Oh no!"
What are schools teaching? We have a form 4 boy kicking it with a form 1 girl in a school classroom? I should kick his punk ass down those stairs.
Beat your kids I tell you. We dont need more of that pendidikan moral and pendidikan islam nonsense. I know people who can score A's for the mentioned subjects and they are now either mothers or fathers already. Put down the moral lessons and pick up the rod.


Half of them out there cant tell between love and lust. Can you? Its hard. Preserve and persevere.
Think to yourself. Would you want your child to do what you did?
Love hurts? You gotta be kidding me. Truth hurts. Love doesn't hurt. The sting you feel when things go a little sour requires long suffering. No it does not mean suffering for a very long time. =="


"so fun, 2night me go ice bar drink beer wif lao gong" Dipetik dari "Rasa kau Cina" hasil karya LGY

Beer does not taste nice. In fact, I shall name it the stupid drink. If you don't agree with me, its up to you as Im no doctor. Its a joke when I hear people saying they on a diet yet they chug down a can of beer.

"I gotta slim down ya know, *gulps beer* Gotta start working out tomorrow. *gulps beer* Do about 200 sit ups, lift some wieghts and cut down on rice *gulps more beer* I am out of shape and I look terrible in the mirror" *opens another can of beer*


Lets go for some beers! (that is the most innocent way people kill people without knowing it)

Drunk driving has sent more people to the hospital than guns. When people tell me beers are the drinks to socialize, I disagree. Beer only makes the conversation juicier. It doesn't make the conversation smarter. It destroys livers and other organs silently while its drinker thinks he is drinking his worries away.


Tonight is gonna be a good night and I shall partake in the best drink called Milky Tea. That's the next best Chinese thing invented after Chinese girls.

PEARL + MILK TEA is the best ever. I will drink it, my kids will drink it, my grand kids will drink it and I will kill them if they don't.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hanging by a thread

Take me to Neverland where nobody is sad, where fairy dust makes you fly and there is free food everyday.


Got invited for draft tonight but I had to turn down the invitation. Kind of lost the fire to draft. Saving moolah is a must.

Economy is pretty bad, broke people are sad.
Fat wallets make me happy. Need a direction. Feeling lost in the fog. Need some sort of compass to this mess called life. Feeling the need for a retirement plan. Need to retire by 30 so I can enjoy life. Oh yeah.

I have a dislike for people who come to me for advice yet when I give advice, it ends up becoming an argument. Come to me asking a yes or no question to random personal issues and when I give my point of view, they end up using it on me to point out my weakness. Are the young of this generation having too much free time on their hands?
English has to come up with an adjective for these kind of people.

Its HON tonight I guess. Tomorrow after tomorrow after tomorrow....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Magic and crabs

Today was a blast. Right after church, it was Magic the gathering standard FNM. Sweet. Just another day to prove that Jund is still the best mid range deck out there. Woohoo. Second place was mine for the taking. Only losing to Mono red in the finals. Sad but no shame. A fourth turn Seige gang? Apa macam mahu handle tu benda geng?

A short round of HON was just sweet. HON is just like dota. You smile when you win, you fume when you lose.
Took the time to view 2012 and its just as what I expected. Minus the drama. I was fascinated by the arks. They are huge.... Wish I could ride one. Noahs ark 2.0

Ketam ketam till 2 in the morning. Lost 15 bucks. Sad case. Its all about luck. No skill involved.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feeling Green and Violent...

No I am not turning into the Incredible Hulk but more about the deck making number 1 at Star City games Nashville. What an awesome deck this Eldrazi Green is. A mono green deck With stunning accelerators such as Llanowar Elves and Noble Heirarch, an Ant Queen on the third turn is possible. Bringing in 1/1 ant tokens that can be pumped to 2/2 by Oran Reif.


Master of the wild hunt joins the party and brings in 2/2 wolves every turn. Once Eldrazi Monument hits the table, its game over. +1/+1, flying and indestructible?


Only Naya charm and Safe Passage can buy you time. Fog them ants I tell you! Fog them! Nissa Revane and Garruk bringing in more tokens is just insane. Even though other Jund decks made the top eight, I am guessing the Jund decks paid dearly for not packing Volcanic Fallout in their arsenal.

Now here comes Worlds 2009. As predicted, Jund takes the lead as the most played deck followed by Red White Aggro. An impressive alternate version of Jund played by Luis Scott-Vargas. Taking out Putrid Leeches and Garruk then replacing them with Master of the wild hunt and two Borderland Rangers. As for the Tomoharu Saito, he took out the leeches too and played Seige Gang Commander and Rampant growth. Its a nice way to knock out clunky mana starts when you play Jund.

The most intresting deck in my opinion has got to be The Magical Christmas deck by Conley Woods. Period. He made the turn 4 Violent Ultimatum possible! That is just nuts. By turn four, I am most likely back down to 1 land when it hits. Thats just a reset button that reeks of evil. A play set of Cruel Ultimatum? Only mad people or newbies would think of playing 4 Cruel Ultimatums in their deck! Conley Woods did it. Going Rogue is really the way to go.

Madness? No! This is Sparta!

Checked out the Fourth Kind the other day. That movie is kindda underrated. Guess it kindda hit the cinemas at the wrong time and clashed with the overhyped giant 2012. Dont always believe the hype I tell you. Other than making me jump in my seat a couple of times, it wasnt scary. Heck, you dont even get to see a single alien in the movie. Its just when all the facts came together, it sort of made me ponder.


Never has the thought of owls at 3:33 in the morning been scary. Hoot~~ Hoot~~

My very first time - IMX

Inda kembang bulu kau? First time ni ging!
With all the rage about blogs and how they piss off some of our country's leaders, its about time I started one myself.
Its an awesome place to dump the crap from my mind so that not too much comes out from my mouth. On top of that, I'm too straight to keep a diary.