Thursday, May 5, 2011

To the Core

Been training recently really hard. I never took getting in shape seriously until now. So I signed up at the nearby gym for 2 months and we shall see what happens after 2 months. Well its just plain tiring. I even have problems putting on my shirt because of the aches. But I gotta admit now I look better in the mirror. Been working on my shoulders recently and praise the Lord it looks way better than before. Always trying to keep myself motivated by looking at he training of my fitness role models like Rain, Taeyang and Usher. Damn the training they go through is just insane.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kick "A"ss results.

So last Sunday was awesome. A geek out weekend of Warhammer. SO here was the list of competitors.

1.Borhan - Ultramarines
2.Andrew- Ork
3.Paul - Blood Angels
4.Nik Kamal - Dark Eldar
5. Abu - Space Wolves
6. Simon - Dark Eldar

At the end of the day I emerged victorious grabbing the first place. Thanks to my painting. Its funny how the Blood Angels army has been emerging victorious in the past tournements. Allen, Alvin, Liam and now me. In the first round I faced off against Andrew, Abu in the second and Simon in the third round. The third game against Simon was super epic. I wish I had a camera so I could take a pic of all the epic moments. >< The camera on my phone just wont do it justice. haha! Especially when my Furioso Dread charged his Hellions and they kept falling back till they fled the table edge. I would have been pissed off if that happened to me but Simon kept his cool and played. I gave him 5 sportsmanship marks for that. At the end of the day Simon got awarded best painted and best sportsmanship. Still waiting on Oliver to post up them pics. Gah!

So the SPM results came out on Wed, I was nervous too I kid you not. Thank God, they obtained can I say "A"wesome results? Yeah, they did great. Some could have done better but all in all, they floored the gas on this one and thats what mattered most. It was the first time in my life receiving a call from a student who kept yelling thank you over the phone. It feels amazing to know you have had an effect on someones life.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Woopty Doo

The thousand five tourney is on Sunday. I cant wait. I caught wind of some really killy and hard hitting army lists. Just hope I have alot of fun on that day. Hope to get best commander or best painted if not best overall. Back to painting it is! Havent been hitting the weights lately an d Im getting fat like a hamster. NEXT WEEK! The body is evil and must be punished. Gah!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From colourfool to colourful

So recently I took part in a Wych painting and conversion event. It was fun considering the fact I painted mine in 4 hours. Simon won the event. Wish I received better bits for my Wych but oh well...
I got commented for best design. I went Harlequin with my wych and it went pretty well. I just didnt have time to do highlights and wash.


Slowly learning to love colours instead of hating them just because I have problems diffrentiating them. Thank God for the labels and the friends I have who guide me with paint.

Art should be a lady cause its beautiful.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nu Book!

I received my one and only birthday present this year from Trenssy. The novel which I have been anticipating whole year titled 'Test of Metal' Finished that book and damn the ending was no disappointment. I was very pleased with how it ended. Its lets go Mirrodin! The next book Im looking forward to reading is the Blood Angels Omnibus. From the synopsis I can tell its gonna be one hell of a ride for the Blood Angels and this civil war.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dark Eldar minis

Been away from the blog for quite awhile. Been stuck at home for quite a while now. Almost fell sick the other day but managed to recover the next day. Life is too good to be spent in bed. Been missing out a lil on my workout due to my schedule now.


I miss playing HON with the guys. Now its Warhammer and Magic on weekends. My HON skills are going down the drain. =( PSR tidak pandai sampai sampai 1.6 Damn talking about Warhammer, the new Dark Eldar minis are insayyyyyne!

Urien Rakarth

They dont look toooo hard to paint compared to their cousins Eldar. I want them for Christmas! hahahaha.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I watched Eclipse and it didn't disappoint me as much as the first 2. Cut out the kissing hugging and kissing kissing and hugging scenes and it wont be so bad. I am kindda disappointed about how team Edward arent actually Werewolves but more like shape shifters. Its still cool come to think of it but but but they are not Werewolves!

So I finally got my hands on some magic cards I need and I must say that Vampires are awesome. Even if you lose, you lose with style!
Got my hands on these babies.

The badass Sorin Markov