Saturday, January 9, 2010

To be

Just want you to be my baby,
My lover and my lady to be,
Thoughts of you drives me crazy,
I believe we were meant to be,

I really want to know if you,
If you feel the same way too,
Feel the same way that I do,
The same way I feel for you,

Friday, January 8, 2010


So the latest news is that some church got torched by a gang of pyromaniacs in KL. God bless them for they didn't know what they were doing. Puts their religion to shame. Gives Islam a bad name. Why only in KL? We don't have to endure that kind of nonsense here in Sabah. Its about time Sabah went independent like Singapore I say. God damn. Here are 2 facts about Sabah. (credits to Ricardo Unto)

Fact 1 - Sabah should be stacking paper because its has oil.

Fact 2- Sabah is the most poverty stricken state in the country.

Once again, we don't need none of this nonsense here. 1 Malaysia? Please. These words are none other than honey coated corpses. Sounds sweet on the outside, rotten and dead on the inside.

Fingers have been itching for WOW lately. Just gotta get that trial account thing out of the way. Tons of things have been circulating in my mind lately. Dont even have the mood to play HON. I must be getting old I guess. There is FNM tomorrow and I dont even know if I want to join. Why?

1. Finding a parking space in City Mall on Sunday afternoons is like trying to find a virgin in a brothel.

2. My deck sucks. I'm trying not to play Jund because its gay.

3. I cant think of any other deck to play.

Must be going through that menopause thing that women always talk about. Done lost my mood for almost everything. I just wanna chill and listen to music. Been caught listening to these few songs on repeat for the past few days.

R Kelly - Number one

Trey Songz - Jupiter Love

Trey Songz - Upstairs

Trey Songz - I need a girl

Marques Houston - Body

Marques Houston - Favorite Girl

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kids and Magic

Well, life is back to the good old mundane. Back to screaming at kids who would choose Facebook over text book. Time for Pendidikan to do something like drop some educational stuff into Facebook. Them kids are too busy clicking away on Farm Ville and Barn Budy or what ever cafe and fish games.

"Those kids will kill you! THey wont kill me! I will kill them!"

Avatar was awesome I rate it a 5/5 no doubt about that I tell you. If you dont watch it, you better watch get in your ride and head to the cinema now. Watching it on the computer screen is no substitute for watching it on the big ass screen. It contains elements from games I love such as Command and Conquer, Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft. Well the human soldiers and vehicles really looked like them C&C games we all love. Those floating lands really resamble the ones in Zendikar. With the modern equipment going dead in that area, it just makes sense with the potent mana circulating the area. Damn. I could feel goose pimples as I watched the floating land. It may meen nothing to some people. In fact It may not even raise and eye brow but damn, Imagine watching something from your favorite game in a movie so epic?

Watched Sherlock Holmes too. Was real nice of Jessica to keep me company for that movie. You will never catch Paul Lai saying "I gotta watch a detective movie!" Nah, never. But Sherlock was nice. At first the only reason I wanted to watch it was because the guy acting as Tony Stark AKA Iron Man is acting in the movie. I dont even know his name and I be calling him Iron man. So lets keep it that way. Its kindda cool I guess. It would have been kindda bland if not for the addition of fantasy elements in the movie. I love Magic. Cant help it. =P

Friday, January 1, 2010

Nu Year

So its the new year once again. 2010 has come, 2009 is no more. Last year was just plain terrible. Everybody is stepping into 2010 with high hopes. Lets just hope they dont get dashed on the rocks before they ever take off. Well, Im currently taking mild breaks from HON. TIred of being in a team of carry heroes. Giving world of warcraft a shot. Its a fun game but no game is cool if you go through it alone. Same thing goes for life. It has no meaning till you have people to go through it with you.

School starts for me on the 4th. Sigh. Back to the books. I hope I can balance out study time and time to make a living.


I bought a novel not too long ago. Agents of Artifice.

With so much free time on my hands now, I decided to get back into a little reading.
I just had to. The novel has been sittin gon my desk gathering dust for way too long now. That novel had two of my favourite planeswalkers Tezzeret and Jace. Was not too happy the way things ended in the book. I wonder if there will be a part 2 or something. Jace is just insane.